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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Should I go
Should I stay
I'm in control
Either way..

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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Aga heran saya, waktu itu dia bilang giniy....sekarang gue liat dia bilang gitu....
Could it be double standart? Ga juga kenya
Apa gue dijeblosin aja? Masa siy segitunya

Yah ga taulah, wallahualam...

Eh masa waktu itu gue cari penyakit lagiy, gue ketik nama kedua yg gue tau gara2 ga sengaja. Inilah susahnya jadi gue, sooner or later gue pasti tau apapun yg ditutup2in itu...padahal cari taupun engga.
So I typed the second name, and there it was....just as I expected, cuma yg ini less self-centered dan very humble.

It feels like someone just ripped open my chest, slit my heart with a very thin, very sharp knife...very......very......slowly.....

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Kalu lagiy abis panas2an, ato bis ketiup angin kenceng, ato dari suatu tempat...gue akan mikir "I must look awful, just awful".
Lalu cari kaca dan mikir "Ah ga terlalu juga, I look nice".

But lately gue suka liat kaca dan mikir "Oh, that's me?!?!!"

Ga jelek, ga ancur, as a matter of fact I looked fine, I looked cute.......bukannya geer ato membanggakan diri loh, tapi serius.....sometimes I feel I'm an ugly duckling, yang item, caur, brantakan dan ga enak diliat.
Tapi alhamdulillah it's all just in my mind, negativistic against oneself.

I'm fine, I looked fine, I'm feeling fine.
Im fine..


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Monday, September 17, 2007

Think of what I said to a friend later this afternoon...

Who am I kidding?
What brought me here?

I know I'm good, I know I'm too good...and this is not good enuff. But why am I still around?
Godammit, why am I still around and make a fool of myself?

See, when it hits me...it hits me.
Yet I'm still not letting go.


I did.
I let go.
Dear God, I let go and turn my back around.
But if I let go and turned my back around, why am I still here?!!
How am I gonna explain this in the future?


I dont have to.
I dont have to explain anything to anyone.
It's my past right?
It's my life, my story, my choices.

But wait...

Think of all the people I hurt.
Think of all the misery I caused them.
Think of all pain they went thru.
Think of all the hatred they have on me.


To hell with it.
If it wont fix itselves, I wont budge either.

I'll just sit back, relax, enjoy what life have to offer, and play my cards right.
It's not like I intended it anyway, if anything I am the victim here..

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Saturday, September 15, 2007



Sakit perut...
Tapi lucu banget...

Huahuahuhauhuahuahuauu......hhh....hhhh....*ngos2an sambil megang perut*

I'm such a whore compare to her, but God forbid me being the stubborn and fooled one.


posted @ 3:03 PM

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